DT01 Smart Digital Display Thermometer
Smart Repair Tool
Fast Battery Calibration
Melt Tin in 2 Seconds
Smart Repair Tool.
Fast Battery Calibration
Melt Tin in 2 Seconds

​AiXun is a five-year-old company that adheres to the brand principles of Technology, quality service, and innovation. To become China's preeminent provider of intelligent electronics by adhering to the business principle of "based on talent, found with sincerity" and by consolidating and developing its core businesses in areas like hardware, software, new materials, intelligent manufacture, and so on. It owns the ISO9001 certificate, which ensures safer and better quality. 

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T405 100W HD Dual Channel Smart Soldering Station for Mobile Repair Welding Station

T410 Dual Channel Smart Soldering Station Good Quality PCB Board Repair Welding Tools

T435 Smart Soldering Station Welding Station for Electronic Components Repair and Maintenance

AiXun Infrared Flex Cable Infrared FPC for iPhone X-13 Infrared Repair Face ID Dot Projector Repair Tool

BC01 Battery Calibrator Battery Health Calibration for 11-14 Series iPhone Battery Repair

UP200 Lead Free Nano Solder Paste Solder Flux for BGA Reballing Repair Tool
  • Intelligent and Scalable

    A real smart device for soldering rework, intelligent controlling system,high precision temperature calculating, less than 1% deviation.
  • High Quality

    ISO9001 quality certificate,Soldering tips over 30000 times high temp testing, soldering station has the CE,GS,UL,FCC,RoHS certificate, match the top quality standard.
  • Global Service

    Over 50 distributors around the world, fast aftersale service response, remote software online analyzing.
  • Patent Certificate
  • Patent Certificate
  • Patent Certificate
  • ISO9001 Certificate
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Industry News
  • How to prevent soldering iron tip from oxidizing2023-01-15
    Oxidation of the soldering iron tip is the most troublesome, because this layer of oxidation on the soldering iron tip is difficult to remove. Many people use sharp tools or sandpaper to "scrape" the soldering iron tip. Although the effect is good for a while, it greatly damages the service life of the soldering iron tip.
  • Can soldering iron be used on plastic2023-01-14
    With the rapid development of the material industry, plastics are widely used in various industries due to their light weight, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, and easy processing. Plastic products are more prone to damage than metal products. However, plastic is very malleable, easily to be melted and reattached with a soldering iron. While a restored object won't look exactly like the new, with practice you can make smooth plastic soldered that aren't as noticeable in appearance.
  • AiXun platform releases new version V1.17.012023-01-14
    Add function: Added current detection curve function;
  • Soldering method of chip capacitors and resistors2023-01-13
    We believe that many people are interested in the soldering and maintenance of mobile phone motherboards. The manual soldering of small resistors, capacitors and inductors are difficult because they are tiny, which are several times smaller than the components on the notebook. AiXun soldering equipment for electronics would like to share with you about the soldering method of the mobile phone motherboard, hope that helps you.
Company News
  • Chinese New Year Holidays Notice2023-01-15
    Dear Customer, How time flies! Our Spring Festival is approaching. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the best for a happy and healthy Chinese New Year! Thanks for your kind attention and support!
  • P2408S newly add 14 series one-key boot up FPC2023-01-14
    P2408S smart regulated power supply newly add 14 series one key boot up FPC Safe booting, real-time monitor Built-in IP 6-14 series battery protocols One key boot the single mainboard, real-time monitoring booting current
  • AiXun platform releases new version V1.16.042023-01-13
    Solve the problem: 1. Solve the abnormal problem of software menu installation driver Download address: AiXun official website www.aixuntech.com
  • AiXun new add 13 series infrared cable 2023-01-09
    Innovative tin-through hole design can easily solve the problem that the original FPC can not be welded.
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