Everything You Need to Know About Hot Air Soldering Station
Everything you need to know about hot air soldering station, from understanding its functionality to mastering its use in soldering, desoldering, and rework tasks.
Essential Tools For PCB soldering
PCB soldering also known as printed circuit board soldering, is the process of joining electronic components to a PCB using solder. Soldering is a fundamental technique in electronics assembly where components such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and other electronic parts are attached to the PCB to create functioning electronic circuits.
AiXun is About to Release 1400W Smart Hot Air Gun H314, Priced at Just Over 1000RMB!
AiXun innovation never stops, less than two months after the launch of H312, in the midst of the user astonishment, a new hot air gun H314 is ready to be launched,
Spring Festival Holiday Notice | 2024 Chinese New Year
2024 Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is coming soon, AiXun family wish you a lucky and happy life for the new year!
AiXun Hot Air Gun: Advanced Technology for Precise Control and Safe, Efficient Operation
AiXun hot air guns have become leaders in the industry with their excellent performance and advanced technology, meeting the high demands of users for hot air control.
Aixun Hot Air Gun Adopts 3D Air Nozzle and Closed-Loop Spring Lock Design
AiXun hot air gun adopts 3D air nozzle and closed-loop spring lock design, solving the problem of uneven hot air and nozzle bad insertion and extraction at high temperature of the traditional hot air gun.
H312 Surpassed by H314 After Only Two Months on the Market? How Should Users Choose?
Both H312 and H314 utilize AiXun self-developed control system, and there is no difference in software. Both can be upgraded by OTA via WiFi connection, making them smarter and more practical the more they are used. Although H312 is excellent enough and more affordable in comparison, if the price difference can be ignored, H314 is undoubtedly the best choice at the moment!
Understanding the Lifespan of Soldering Station: Factors and Maintenance
If you want your soldering station to last longer and work reliably, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, choose a good-quality station from a trusted brand. Take care of it by cleaning it regularly and following the instructions for how to use it.
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