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Tips for improving the life of your soldering iron tip

1. The surface of the soldering iron tip should be kept clean

Do not remove the excess solder from the soldering iron tip before closing the soldering station, the excess tin will protect the tin surface and prevent it from oxidizing while the soldering iron tip is still hot. Do not add any compound to the tin surface.

2. Soldering temperature

The temperature during soldering should be lower than 400℃ as far as possible. When the machine stops soldering in the middle, the power supply of the machine and the thermostat should be turned off and the tip of the soldering iron should be tinned to avoid empty burning of the machine, and the tip of the soldering iron should always be kept with tin.

3. The tip of the soldering iron should be cleaned frequently

If the tinned part of the iron tip contains black oxide, a new layer of tin can be applied, and then wipe the tip with a damp cleaning sponge. This cleaning is repeated until the oxide is completely removed, and then a new layer of tin is applied. And regularly clean the tip of the soldering iron.

4. Selection and soldering of soldering iron tips

When soldering do not use the soldering iron tip to pick or squeeze the object to be soldered. To clean the soldering iron tip, use the cleaning sponge produced by the original/professional manufacturer, and add some water. After adding water, squeeze it dry by hand to keep the sponge moist.

5. The soldering iron tip should be replaced in time

With the longer use time, the soldering iron tip will undergo small-scale deformation and heavy corrosion. At this time, the soldering iron tip must be replaced in time, otherwise there will be a large number of small-scale products.

The above is what AiXun electronic soldering equipment tells you about how to increase the life of the soldering iron tip and reduce the number of conditions during the use of the soldering iron tip. I hope it can help soldering enthusiasts!

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