UP200 Lead Free Nano Solder Paste Solder Flux for BGA Reballing Repair Tool

Lead Free SP-138/158/183℃ No-Clean Solder Pastes Flux for SMD Mobile Repair

UP100 High Quality Zero Halogen Lead Free Solder Flux Paste for Electronics

Soldering flux paste


Solder flux contributes to achieving a perfect soldering bond, which is activated by the heat of the soldering operation to remove the last layer of oxidized metal so that the solder will wet the base metal and create a good joint, it’s used in automatic PCB assembly and hand soldering, and is mainly in cleaning the surface of PCB before soldering process.


Types of soldering flux


There are three major types of solder flux used for soldering electronics :


1. Rosin-based Flux: Rosin-based flux is the most commonly used type of flux. It is a combination of rosin and other materials such as alcohols, acids, and activators. Rosin-based flux is generally used for electrical and electronic applications.

2. Water-soluble Flux: This type of flux is used in applications where water-soluble fluxes are required. It is a combination of organic acids and activators. This type of flux is used in applications where high temperatures are not required.

3. No-clean Flux: This type of flux is designed to leave no residue after soldering. It is a combination of organic acids and activators. This type of flux is used in applications where high temperatures are not required and where a clean finish is desired.


Why are fluxes used when soldering? 


Flux is a chemical based on rosin that helps reduce the amount of corrosion when heating up the metal of the solder and making that electrical and mechanical connection.


Best Soldering Flux for Electronics


If you want a soldering flux that is specially designed for chip repair and soldering works, then the AiXun-UP 100 lead free flux can be an ideal option.  It has a wide range of application, such as mobile phone PCB repair, BGA chip ball welding, CPU, LED lighting rework, nano chip tin planting, components welding, chip soldering, SMT maintenance and etc.


Best Soldering Flux for phone repair


Those of you who want a soldering flux for mobile phone maintenance can consider the AiXun Lead Free No-Clean Solder Pastes Flux. The SP-138 degree low temperature paste is a special solder consumable that can be applied to phone middle frame and mainboard tin planting, the lead-free and silver containing formula is benefit for environmental protection.  The SP-183 degree medium temperature nano flux paste is more suitable for welding and maintenance of after-sales mobile phone motherboard, nano chip, BGA, SMT reballing.


Best Soldering Flux for BGA Reballing



Those of you who work on electronics and electrical circuits quite often must not miss AiXun UP200 Lead Free Nano Solder Flux. Designed with special lead free formula, it features no-clean, no corrosion, high permeability, good liquidity, limpid liquid, less smoke, no smell, good insulativity and high activity, limpid and transparent liquid, not easy to oxidize, which allow it easily handle with BGA reballing, rework, components soldering and desoldering, soldering repair and other mobile maintenance activities


How to use solder flux? 


1. Clean the metal contact with a good solvent before using the soldering flux so that remove the dust, grime as well as excessive oxidation that may be present.


2. Then, apply an even coat of the flux to the surfaces where the actual soldering is slated to happen.


3. Placed on the metal contacts covered with flux when the tip of the soldering gun is hot and ready.


4. Introduce and melt the soldering wire after vaporizing the flux, making sure the solder bonds before oxidizing again so that there are an effective soldering.

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