Lead Free SP-138/158/183℃ No-Clean Solder Pastes Flux for SMD Mobile Repair

Market Price: US $ 4.5/PC

• Composed of thousands of precise nanoparticles, specially designed for mobile phone maintenance

• 138℃: lead free material, support soldering under low temperature, environmental protection 

• Silver containing formula, good viscosity, no blistering and solder bead

• 183℃: High temperature solder paste, strong tin climbing, round and full solder joint, bright lubrication

• Good conductivity and strong tin loading capacity, no residual, no clean, user-friendly, no need to rework ball planting



Model D-0008 Model G-0008
Name AX 138 lead free solder paste Name AX 183 nano solder paste
Brand AiXun Brand AiXun
N.W. 50G N.W. 50G
Melting point 138℃ Melting point 183℃
Element No. 4 powder Element No. 4 power 



AiXun lead free solder paste has different types in melting points so as to satisfy various soldering needs. The SP-138 degree low temperature paste is a special solder consumable that can be applied to iPhone X/XS/XSMAX middle frame and mainboard tin planting, the lead-free and silver containing formula is benefit for environmental protection. The tin balls it creates are delicate, round and full. It has a good viscosity, no blistering and even no solder bead. The SP-183 degree medium temperature nano flux paste is more suitable for welding and maintenance of after-sales mobile phone motherboard, nano chip, BGA, SMT reballing. It has a strong tin climbing ability, good conductivity and strong tin load capacity, which enables no rework after planting balls. 


List of Packing:

1 x AX-138/183℃ PB free solder paste


Packing Details


Box dimension: 50*30*30mm

Carton dimension: 210*160*165mm

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