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Which is better, rework station vs soldering station?

Which is better, rework station vs soldering station?

What is a rework station

Often complex rework and repairs are performed on these damaged or unbalanced components.

The composition of the rework station:

a. Main station: It is the most important part of the rework station and controls the soldering tools. Here you can adjust the temperature of the soldering handle and the desoldering hot air gun. You can adjust timers, lock functions, programs and all other functions to make it as easy as possible to meet your rework needs.


b. Soldering pen: It is one of the most indispensable parts of the rework station. Soldering pens are used to perform standard soldering work. Various parameters of the soldering pen are controlled by the control unit.


c. Desoldering hot air gun: The hot air gun is also an integral part of the rework station. A hot air gun is used to heat and desolder components mounted on a PCB. Use a hot air gun to desolder SMD ICs of different sizes, such as QFP, PLCC, SOP. You can set other parameters of the hot air gun from the main station.


Rework stations can be single-channel and multi-channel, and are sometimes referred to as SMD rework stations or BGA rework stations.

AiXun Shenzhen, China offers various types of rework stations. A good supplier can also guarantee a long-term supply of spare parts.

A good rework station can do SMD IC refurbishment with built-in vacuum suction provides a hot air handle. It can desolder SMD ICs gently without damaging SMD pads on expensive multilayer PCBs.

The purpose of the rework station:


The main purpose of a rework station is to repair electronic printed circuit boards


a. Repair bad solder joints


 Poor contact of solder joints is a major factor in rework. The main reasons are assembly errors or thermal cycling under other circumstances.


b. Remove the solder bridge


Rework station can also help remove unwanted solder droplets or help break solder that should be connected. These unwanted solder joints are often called solder bridges.


c. Support upgrades or component changes


 Rework station is also useful when some modification to a circuit or replacement of a small component is required. This is necessary to repair some functions of the board many times.


d. Repair damage caused by various reasons


Circuits tend to be damaged by various external causes such as excessive current flow, physical stress and natural wear. Many times they can also be damaged by liquid ingress and subsequent corrosion.

All these problems can be solved with the help of a rework station


What is a soldering station?

Soldering stations are available for soldering various electronic components. In contrast to soldering irons, soldering stations allow for temperature adjustment and can be applied to soldering at different temperatures, the soldering station is composed of many soldering tools connected to the host. Soldering station equipment is very popular in the field of electronics and electrical engineering. Even non-professionals have a soft spot for the AiXun T3A soldering station, because it is an intelligent soldering station with low requirements for soldering operators, and the whole process is fully intelligent except for soldering. Giving the welder more confidence, and also increases the success rate of soldering work.


The application of the soldering station:


Soldering stations are used in a wide range of fields from professional electronics labs to DIY hobbyists. Soldering stations have a wide range of uses in the electronics industry. They can be used to connect wires to devices. They are used to connect various components to printed circuit boards.

 People have been using these stations at home for many personal projects.

a. Parts extraction:


We all know that after the electronic product is scrapped, we can disassemble its parts and use them in other places. This work is inseparable from the credit of the soldering station.


 b. Hardware


Soldering stations are used to provide a durable but reversible connection between copper pipes. They are also used to join many sheet metal parts to form metal gutters and roof flashing.


c. Jewelry accessories


Soldering stations are very useful when working with items such as jewelry. Many small jewelry parts can be firmly joined by soldering.


Which is better, rework station or soldering station?


Soldering Stations: Powerful Tools for Precision Work

Rework Stations: Useful Tools for Fast, Less Operation



The size of the soldering station is smaller than that of the rework station, which is convenient to move.



Basically, when two things need to be connected at a relatively small point, a soldering station can do the job. After all, it only heats a specific spot, the size of which is highly controlled by various tips and users. But the accuracy of the rework station is far less than that of the soldering station.


Soldering speed:

The heating speed of the soldering station is slower than that of the rework station


Heating area:

The heating area of the soldering station is relatively small, while the heating area of the rework station is relatively large, which is suitable for desoldering more circuit boards. 

Through the above understanding and comparison, both the rework station and the soldering station have their own advantages. The soldering station is recommended for precise electronic products, while the rework station is suitable for larger projects. Of course, you can choose base on your own hobbies. A handy tool can help you complete your work faster and greatly improve your work efficiency.

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