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How to handle the new soldering iron tip

After buying a soldering iron tip, many buyers will find such a problem. Compared with the previous one, the soldering iron tip purchased this time is not very easy to use. The common problem is that the new soldering iron tip is not tinned, so they feel that there is a problem with the product, or the dealer has replaced a bad one.


Because the flux components used by each manufacturer are different.  There are acidic, alkaline, and neutral, and the main function of flux in soldering is to remove oxides, destroy the surface tension of molten tin, and prevent re-oxidation ;


General Requirements for Flux


(1) It has the activity similar to surfactants, can remove metal surface oxides and sticky dirt, and provide a clean surface;


(2) It has a melting point and a minimum activation temperature lower than that of the flux, and the activation temperature range of the flux is compatible with the soldering temperature;


(3) The surface tension, viscosity and density are lower than that of flux. During the activation process, it can reduce the surface tension of the flux and increase the wettability;


(4) It has good thermal stability, it can not only provide a protective film for the "clean" base metal surface, but also ensure that the active ingredients are not easy to volatilize and decompose;


(5) The flux can be easily removed together with the residues in the flux, and the residues that do not need to be removed should be insulated, non-corrosive, and non-hygroscopic;


(6) It does not corrode the base metal, and does not produce harmful gas and strange smell. General fluxes are compounded from inorganic substances (such as inorganic acids, inorganic salts), organic substances (such as organic acids, organic acid salts) and natural rosin (or hydrogenated rosin), or processed by simple chemical treatment (reaction). mixture. Adding a surfactant (as a wetting agent) to the flux can improve its effect and have an anti-corrosion effect. Because of the difference in chemical properties, these fluxes may not be compatible with the fluxes used by buyers. So that there will be no tinning phenomenon, and in severe cases, the tip of the soldering iron will turn black.


Therefore, before the new soldering iron tip is used for the first time, the temperature should be adjusted to 250 ℃ when the soldering iron is turned on. After the pre-tin is melted, clean it with a cleaning sponge. If you are using solder wire with flux, fill the solder wire directly. If you need external flux, then dip the flux first, and then immediately fill up the solder you use. Regardless of the nature of the solder wire, fill the tin Be sure to pay attention to even coating when coating, so that there will be no phenomenon of not being tinned, and the more you use it, the better it is. Then adjust the temperature to the required specifications.


The purpose of this is to form a protective film on the tin layer on the soldering iron tip to prevent soldering iron tip from oxidizing at high temperature. Keeping the tin layer on the tip of the soldering iron at any time is an important thing to maintain the tip of the soldering iron.


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