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Buying guide : how to choose the best soldering station

As we known, soldering station is an advanced version of basic soldering iron. If you have a lot of soldering task, it's a smart choice to use a soldering station for your work. They provide better flexibility and make your soldering easier and safer.



What are the main accessories of a soldering station?


A soldering station features with a secure stand for hot irons, sponges and other accessories.


Soldering stations usually include the following:


Soldering iron: the main tool of the soldering station. The soldering iron heats up to melt the solder and form the joint. It can come in many variants such as pen or gun. The soldering station will provide 40W to 200W rated power. Most soldering irons have interchangeable tips for different applications.


Soldering iron stand: A stand that helps keep the hot iron tip from touching flammable materials or your skin, it is basic tools but very useful.


Cleaning Sponge: It will keep the soldering iron tip clean by removing solder and flux residue, which prevents oxidation.

(Tips) Brass sponges are superior to traditional wet sponges.


Other accessories include a heat gun for heating components and a solder wire holder on the side.


A key feature of the soldering station is temperature control. This will allow you to adjust the iron's settings according to the needs of your job


Temperature control is a key feature of any soldering station. Control systems can be analog or digital. Analog units use a knob to adjust the heat. They do not show the temperature on the display.


The digital unit has settings for digitally adjusting the temperature. They also have a display that shows the current set temperature. These units provide better accuracy. However, they are more expensive than analog stations.



How to choose a soldering station?


1. The best tool should be the one that best suits your needs. Having said that, a good soldering station should provide accurate temperature control


2. A good soldering station should be ESD safe. ESD is commonly referred to as "electrostatic discharge". These discharges occur when electrical charge builds up and then transfers to another object, often accompanied by a visible spark. This could result in product defects or result in an unsafe condition. .


3. The design of the iron should be ergonomic to avoid hand fatigue.


4. A workstation containing multiple soldering tips is also useful. Depending on your needs, you may need a workstation that includes desoldering tools. In the process of repairing PCB, desoldering and removing components are essential.


AiXun Tools


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