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Common Poor Soldering You Have Been Recruited

In the world of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), welders and manufacturers often grapple with various soldering issues. Poor soldering, including solder balls, residues, false soldering, cold soldering, empty soldering, and virtual soldering, stands out as a common challenge.


poor soldering


The last four types of subpar soldering are widespread and can be tricky for many welders to distinguish. AiXun breaks down these soldering issues for better clarity:


False Soldering: The joint seems welded on the surface but lacks actual bonding. A simple pull on the lead can dislodge it from the solder joint.


Virtual Soldering: Characterized by minimal tin soldering at the joints, resulting in poor contact and intermittent connectivity. Both false soldering and virtual soldering indicate insufficient tin plating, often due to insufficient cleaning or too little flux.


Empty Soldering: Occurs when the soldering point should be welded but remains unjoined. Factors like insufficient solder paste, issues with the parts, improper placement, or long intervals after printing can lead to empty soldering.


Cold Soldering: Identified by the absence of a tin-eating strip at the tin-eating interface of the part. Issues like insufficient flow soldering temperature or brief flow soldering time can contribute to cold soldering.


In the precision soldering process of SMT, understanding the causes behind various soldering defects is crucial. By choosing suitable fluxes and solder materials, practitioners can effectively reduce defective solder occurrences, enhancing overall soldering quality. Stay informed, stay adept, and conquer the challenges of soldering in the dynamic realm of SMT.


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