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AiXun T225 Self-Developed Full Power Wire-Controlled Handle Is Coming!

AiXun self-developed T225 full power wire-controlled handle is fully compatible with soldering iron tips of different power from 30W to 250W!


In the field of soldering tools, JBC designed C470, C245, C210, C115 four different power size of soldering tip according to different soldering business and scenarios, and accordingly designed four different size of handle.  However, with the diversification of soldering business and maintenance scenarios, more and more users need to purchase several different soldering iron tips at the same time. During use, frequent replacement of handles with different power sizes causes great inconvenience to users. In response to this problem, AiXun offers two innovative solutions for the soldering industry!


Firstly, AiXun has developed a 2 x 6 expansion box on the new soldering station. This not only supports dual-station simultaneous operation, but can also be expanded to 6 different soldering tips. With plug-and-play, automatic identification and control, users no longer need to frequently plug and unplug to change tips with different power levels..


soldering station


In addition, AiXun has taken the lead in breaking the industry's traditional design standards by innovatively designing a T225 handle that is compatible with 30W-250W full-power soldering cartridges, as well as designing its own standardized soldering cartridges. At present, there are four types of 30W, 80W, 150W and 250W soldering cartridges, all of which are compatible with AiXun T225 handle. AiXun dares to innovate and make breakthroughs. In order to provide a better user experience, the T225 handle also incorporates a wire-controlled button. It not only controls the temperature and switches the memory channel, but also realizes more new functions through subsequent OTA upgrades, which are compatible with AiXun soldering station..


AiXun T225


As China's leading brand of intelligent and networked soldering tools, AiXun will continue to innovate and bring new technological breakthroughs to the industry. In 2024, AiXun will release a series of disruptive, revolutionary and innovative products. Our slogan is: "Either we don't do it, or we will be the best." Let's witness the development of AiXun together!


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