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AiXun 2024 Breakthrough: Leading the way in intelligent soldering tools!

It is well known that the development of any electronic industry is inseparable from soldering stations, commonly referred to as soldering irons. From traditional soldering irons to AiXun latest smart and networked soldering station, the entire industry has undergone over 20 years of evolution. Today, AiXun once again breaks new ground and brings technological revolution to the industry through independent research and development in power modules, software and hardware, leading the soldering industry into a new era of intelligence and networking!


In October 2023, AiXun introduced the neural network temperature control algorithm to the soldering station field, taking the temperature control system to new technological heights. By the end of January 2024, AiXun is expected to launch the T400 intelligent soldering station, which not only achieves intelligence and networking, but also pushes modular and intelligent expansion functions to the extreme. Let's now experience the technological impact of the T400!


The T400 is the industry's first smart soldering station to implement a neural network temperature control algorithm while supporting WiFi OTA upgrades. OTA upgrades mean that this station has the ability for continuous software iteration and upgrades. AiXun has been consistently praised for its high quality service and efficient response speed, addressing all needs and opinions within 24 hours through software updates. Therefore, the new features of this T400 ssoldering station are eagerly awaited.


T400 soldering station


The T400 innovates the design concept of modular expansion, supporting not only 245, 210 and 115 handles, but also AiXun's independently developed 225 standard handle. Unlike traditional designs, this handle innovatively supports solder pen cores with different power, putting an end to the history of changing handles. The result is a qualitative improvement in the user experience that is truly groundbreaking!



Of course, the main attraction of the T400 is its powerful expandability. This station is equipped with a full metal standby set that supports various soldering tips and additional accessories such as miniature hot air tip, desoldering and heating station, chip adhesive removal station, smoke cleaning devices, chip grinding machine and more, with automatic module interconnection control. In the future, when users pick up the soldering tip for operation, the smoke cleaning device will automatically activate and the station light will turn on. In a fully intelligent and networked operating scenario, it's as if you can smell the aroma of full-house intelligence.

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