Soldering Tips & Cartridges

C210 Customized Soldering Tip Replacement Multifunctional Welding Iron

C245 Customized Replacement Soldering Cartridge Iron Tip for Soldering Rework

C115 Customized Multi-Type Soldering Iron Cartridge for Electronics

C115 Soldering Iron Tip for Precision Soldering Rework of Mobile Phone and Electronic Repair

C210 Replacement Soldering Iron Tip For Micro Soldering SMD Rework

C245 High Level Nano Lead Free Soldering Iron Tip for JBC Iron Head Replacement
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What’s the soldering iron tips


Soldering iron tips are the electrically heated elements with an insulated handle. It is designed to transfer heat to the surface of the metal or plastic being soldered in order to melt the solder and create a strong bond. The tips also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of projects.


What is soldering iron tip made of


Soldering iron tips are made of heat-resistant materials such as brass, copper, or nickel-plated copper. The tip is usually coated with a non-flammable thermal material to protect it from overheating. The coating is usually made up of a copper and chromium oxide layer underneath an additional layer of insulation.


Different Types of Soldering Iron Tips


There are many types of soldering iron tips available that come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most common tip shapes are pointed, rounded, cone, chisel, and bent. Points and rounded tips are best for intricate work while chisel and bent tips are ideal for larger surfaces.


How to Clean and Maintain Soldering Iron Tips


Soldering iron tips should be cleaned and maintained after every use. Cleaning the tip will help to ensure that proper heat transfer is maintained during the soldering process. This can be done by dipping the tip into an appropriate detergent solution and wiping it with a nonabrasive cloth. Additionally, it is important to monitor the temperature of the tip and to use higher temperature settings regularly to prevent excessive heat build-up and oxidation of the tip.


Are soldering iron tips universal


No, soldering iron tips are not universal. Different applications will require different types and sizes of soldering tips. It is important to review the specific needs of the job before selecting the appropriate tip to ensure that the job is completed successfully.


How to choose?


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