Intelligent DC Power Supply

P3208 320W Smart Regulated Power Supply 32V/8A One Key Boot Power Box

P2408S Smart Pointer Ammeter Mechanical Ampere Meter for Current Measurement

P2408S Intelligent Regulated 24 Volt DC Power Supply for Mobile Repair

P2408S One Key Boot Up Docking Station with Six HUB Ports iPhone Battery Protocols

P2408S Battery Fast Charging Adaptor for iPhone 6-13ProMax Series

What is DC power supply and its function?

A direct current (DC) power supply is a device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), or from one voltage to another. Most electronic devices and circuits are powered by a DC power supply.


Where is the DC power supply used?

DC power supplies are used in a wide variety of electronic devices and circuits. They can be used to power anything from small portable devices to large industrial machines. DC power supplies are also found in many types of scientific and medical equipment. Some common examples of devices that use DC power supplies include:

Computers and computer peripherals

Televisions and video players

Cell phones and other portable electronic devices

Power tools

Medical devices

Industrial machinery


What is the use of DC power supply in mobile phone repair?

most mobile repair technicians used DC power supply to switch ON a smart-phone without their batteries. the Supply can be used to substitute for the Cell Phone GND, +VBAT Battery Voltage when doing hot testing on the Mobile PCB.


Can DC charge phones?

There are two 'types' of electricity supply: AC and DC. The power that comes from the grid is always AC power. When charging portable electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, electric vehicles), the power needs to be converted from AC to DC.



Best DC power supply for mobile repairing: P2408S Intelligent Regulated 24 Volt DC Power Supply

AiXun P2408S intelligent regulated power supply is upgraded with battery fast charging, constant current output, short circuit automatic protection and new operation interface functions. It’s a comprehensive adjustable DC power supply that integrated multi functions. It's a necessary multifunctional tool in mobile repair and phone maintenance work


Best DC power supply partner: P2408S One Key Boot Up Docking Station with Six HUB Ports


AiXun P2408S one key boot up docking station is designed to satisfy the needs of multi ports. The built-in iPhone battery boot up protocol in P2408S enables one key boot up, which help save much time and avoid the complicated boot up process. Place it to the side of the P2408S, the small and exquisite design is proper to avoid a cluttered workbench.


Best Battery Calibration Adaptor: P2408S Battery Fast Charging Adaptor for iPhone 6-13ProMax Series

AiXun battery fast charging module is an adaptor for P2408S and P3206 intelligent power supply. With this adaptor, it's easy to charge mobile batteries during maintenance process.



Battery Calibration Adaptor with Cooling Fan: P2408S Battery Calibration Adaptor for iPhone 11-13 Series with Cooling Fan

This AiXun P2408S battery calibration board is a new model adapter that research and develop independently by AiXun. There is a special battery calibration APP in P2408S, in which you can test the charge and discharge round cycle times of iPhone 11-13 series, and it also support the charge and discharge data set, the charging status can be switched optionally. Besides, it’s designed with a built in overheating protection cooling fan, the wind speed can be adjusted automatically according to the change of discharge power and temperature.


Important mobile phone repairing tools:

Soldering Iron

DC power supply

Pry Tool.

Voltage Tester Multimeter.

The Anti-Static Strap.

Nylon Spudger.

Screwdriver Kits.

Curved Tweezers.


What are the Most Common Smartphone Repairs?

The Screen

Water Damage


Damaged Charging Ports

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