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iPhone 7P-13 Series Rear Camera Flex Cable Replacement FPC with Pin Header

Market Price: US 4.2/PC

• Original appearance, high quality technology, reduce rework times

• Innovative design, easily solve original soldering problems

• Built in pin header design, doesn't need soldering manually

• High precision solder pad with solder hole design, ensure more stable soldering

• Precise alignment, make maintenance more easier



Brand AiXun
Name AiXun Rear Camera FPC
Model Rear Camera FPC
Dimension 10*10*10mm
N.W. 0.001
Apply to 7P-13PM



AiXun rear camera FPC is specially researched for iPhone rear camera repair and maintenance. The unique innovative design of built in pin header can help handling with the soldering problem of original rear camera FPC. With this FPC in hand, maintenance technicians or mobile repair operators don’t need to solder manually anymore, greatly improve working efficiency, save time and energy. Besides, the high precision solder pad with solder hole design helps make soldering more stable. In addition, the precise alignment of solder pins is also conductive to make the rear camera repair easier. This rear camera flex cable is a convenient tool when rear camera not working. 


List of Packing: 

1x rear camera FPC


Packing Details: 

1pc/bag, 10pcs/bunch

Bag Dimension: 100*50mm



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