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DT01 OLED Smart Digital Display Thermometer Tip Soldering Iron Temperature Tester

Market Price: US$ 42/PC

• OLED smart digital display, clear at a glance, real time temperature measurement

• Support measuring the temperature of soldering tips, hot air gun, surface and liquid

• Powerful AI function, make maintenance easy and efficient

• Support temperature calibration by connecting with Type-C or bluetooth

• Temp sensor and thermocouple design, ensure testing multi items

• Accurate measurement, temp curve recording and playback

• Remote software upgrade by connecting to AiXun software

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Name Smart digital display thermometer
Brand AiXun
Model DT01
Dimension 117.1*65*36mm
N.G. 100g
Working temp 0-40°C
Temp range 0-500°C
Components Triangle temp sensor/K-type thermocouple
Accuracy ±3°C
Type-C input 4.8-5.5V
Display OLED
Battery 9V alkaline dry cell



This DT01 smart thermometer with digital display is a temperature tester for all items that need temperature measurement, such as soldering iron and soldering tips, hot air gun, surface, liquid and so on. The temperature test range of this device is from 0-500°C. The large OLED HD display makes the temperature clear and visible. It’s equipped with 10pcs temp sensors and 1pc thermocouple with K-type socket, meeting different temperature measurement requirements. The temp change curve design helps to show the temp curve recording and playback accurately and clearly. By connecting with type-C or bluetooth, it can also calibrate temp by matching with T420D soldering station. It contains powerful AI functions, including auto remind for low battery, auto report for damaged temp sensor and auto shut down the device when idle. It supports remote software upgrade by connecting to AiXun platform, enjoying endless function upgrade.


List of packing: 

1 x Smart digital display thermometer

1 x Thermocouple

10 x Temperature sensor


Packing details: 




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