Intelligent Desoldering Stations

Best Smart Desoldering Station 3rd Gen for Motherboard Maintenance

Market Price: US $79/Set

• Support motherboard repair for iP X-14 series, more models are developing...

• Built in mute cooling fan, rapid cooling, help improve maintenance efficiency

• Slide buckle lock design, fix motherboard easily

• Special locating pillar design, help separate and fit motherboard accurately

• AC high frequency heating, PID temperature algorithm, temperature rise faster and more precise




iHeater 3rd Gen

Product Name

Intelligent Desoldering Station iHeater

Rated Power


Working Voltage



iPX-14 Pro Max

Temperature Range


Net Weight

265 g





AiXun iHeater 3rd Gen intelligent desoldering station support X-14 pro max and Android mainboard disassemble and separate, A10/A11/A12/A13 CPU glue removing, home button rapair, face ID 11 dock connector repair, android mainboard preheating, etc. The PID intelligent temperature algorithm and the new MCH ceramic heating plate chip allows temperature raise faster, accurate as well as safety. Magnic cooling fan design can help protect mainboard from being burned. The digital tube temperature indicator can help operators observe the heating temperature in time, making the repair easier and more convenient. It’s an intelligent heating platform for motherboard preheating, separating and desoldering. 


List of Packing: 

1 x Main station of AiXun iHeater 3Gen

3 x Aluminum Modules (ip X-11ProMax) 


Packing Details:

1set/box, 20boxes/carton

Box dimension: 220*165*65mm

Carton dimension: 450*340*340mm

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