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AiXun Launches H312, the World's First Intelligent Networked Hot Air Gun

In the field of maintenance, the hot air gun is an indispensable tool. When it comes to hot air gun brands, we are familiar with ATTEN, Quick and Hakko. Among them, Quick 861DW has become a popular choice in the communication repair industry with its affordable price of more than 1000 RMB, excellent performance and stability.



However, with the progress of science and technology, the diversification of mobile phone motherboard components, the complexity of chip packaging process, as well as the popularity of smart phones and smart homes, users' demand for hot air guns continues to increase. Traditional air guns are no longer able to meet the demand in complex curve desoldering, and AiXun saw this industry pain point.


A few years ago, the founders of AiXun began the independent research and development of hot air gun technology. They were determined to develop an intelligent, networked hot air gun to meet users' demands for higher functionality and better user experience.


1, Able to be compatible with both spiral wind and smooth wind function;

2, With curve desoldering function and segment desoldering function, users can set desoldering parameters independently;

3, Have the Internet function, can WIFI network OTA upgrade software;

4, The most important point, the price of the whole set of equipment is less than 2,000 RMB, so that ordinary maintenance personnel can afford.d.


Thus, AiXun launched the world's first intelligent interneted hot air gun in the electronic soldering industry - AiXun H312 on December 21, 2023. This hot air gun leads the industry to change, solves the problem of complex curve desoldering, fully meets the user's needs, and refreshes the maximum power of the hot air gun, reaching a peak power of 1400W.



H312 adopts 3.5-inch HD display for the first time, embedded with intelligent operating system, and develops curve desoldering and segment desoldering APP, which enables users to set desoldering parameters independently. AiXun self-developed fan control system and patented 3D nozzle make the H312 a hot air gun compatible with spiral wind and smooth wind, automatic soft mode, and standard and top speed desoldering modes.



The H312 WiFi networked function and server backend management capability demonstrate AiXun innovative strength. Supporting WiFi networked OTA push and Bluetooth interconnection, the H312 is also equipped with a Bluetooth handle ring, which greatly enhances the operating experience.



"The future of hot air gun depends on AiXun, and AiXun hot air gun depends on H312!" The performance of H312 is remarkable and becomes the industry benchmark, showing AiXun leading strength and innovative determination in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

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