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AiXun is About to Release 1400W Smart Hot Air Gun H314, Priced at Just Over 1000RMB!

In June 2023, AiXun released the smart and networked hot air gun H310D, which suddenly livened up the tin soldering and rework industry, which had been quiet for several years. Despite some success, the 1000W power is still insufficient for large area chip desoldering. So, AiXun quickly adjusted its direction in December 2023 and launched the H312, a hot air gun with a rated power of 1200W and a peak power of 1400W. The H312 makes up for the lack of power of the H310D heating core, and with the industry-exclusive intelligent, networked software advantages and functional experience that surpasses the competitors, the H312 was popular in the world as soon as it was released, and made many users replace their old hot air guns with the H312, triggering a buzz among their peers. H312, triggering peers to marvel: the era of intelligent, networked hot air gun has come in advance!


AiXun H312


However, AiXun innovation never stops, less than two months after the launch of H312, in the midst of the user astonishment, a new hot air gun H314 is ready to be launched, H314 adopts a all new design style, which makes the industry's heat gun's appearance reach a new height, and many users decided to buy the product at the first sight, claiming that there is no resistance to the product's appearance design. In fact, in addition to the same powerful software functions as H312, H314 also realizes OTA upgrade and Bluetooth handle ring adaptation. In terms of the power of the heating core, it is once again upgraded to a rated 1400W, making it the industry's first hot air gun to incorporate a fingerprint identification module. And according to AiXun official disclosure, H314 can also be adapted to the soon-to-be-released voice-recognition center control, supporting voice control.


AiXun H314


This series of innovations makes users excited. If you are interested in intelligent soldering equipment, then get your hands on it! AiXun will be intelligent to the end, leading the revolution of technological innovation!


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