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AiXun Hot Air Gun: Advanced Technology for Precise Control and Safe, Efficient Operation

In the past, due to the limitation of fan control technology and the defective design of air ducts, some hot air guns failed to realize the precise control of hot air and fully integrate the use of spiral air nozzle, which no longer meets today's technological level and users' needs. However, AiXun has succeeded in doing so, not only abandoning the spiral air nozzle, but also laying the foundation for future development!

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AiXun has developed a highly responsive fan control system with feedback capabilities. The system is capable of real-time monitoring of fan execution and temperature in the air duct, and feeds the data back to the specialized control driver chip. Through the use of self-developed PID dynamic compensation algorithm, according to the feedback situation dynamically adjust the new execution instructions. This innovation enables AiXun hot air gun to reach the level of precision to 1 degree in temperature control, realizing real-time adjustment and making precision rework safer and more efficient.


3d air nozzle


Meanwhile, AiXun hot air gun adopts the patented 3D nozzle, which is perfectly in line with the aerodynamic principle. This design ensures that the hot air is fully fused in the air duct, and the hot air blown out is more even and smooth. The application of this advanced technology not only improves the safety of the operation, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the operation, making the rework changes become more safe and efficient.


air nozzle


AiXun hot air guns have become leaders in the industry with their excellent performance and advanced technology, meeting the high demands of users for hot air control.

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