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AiXun H312 Smart Hot Air Gun Will Be Released Soon

AiXun H312 Smart Hot Air Gun 

Upgraded to 1400W heating core, rapid heating

Smart as usual, with higher wind speed and greater power

Optional:Bluetooth Remote Control Handle Ring


WiFi networking OTA upgrade, interconnecting through bluetooth 


1. 3.5inch IPS HD display screen,built-in smart operation system

2. Dual combination of segment and curve desoldering (Soft mode, Standard mode, Top speed mode, three Desoldering Modes)

3. Mute brushless fan, strong but quiet wind, 1400W ultra-high power,extremely fast heating

4. One key switch among three desoldering modes,cold airmode and force working mode

5. Built-in with desoldering parameters of all kinds of chips, update data on iCloud in real time.

6. Users can recall,add, revise and save data to build their own exclusive iCloud database.


h312 smart hot air gun


What are the upgrades and changes in H312? Let's take a look!



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