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AiXun December 2023 Exhibition Advance Notice
AiXun will attend the OCTF 2023 (Hong Kong) Intelligent Technology Exhibition, looking forward to your visit!
T410 Smart Soldering Station Releases Version 1.10
T410 Smart Soldering Station Version 1.10: 1. Fully new UI interface 2. Newly add curve interface 3. Optimize user experience 4. Added experimental features
AiXun T320 Soldering Station Releases Version 1.06
AiXun T320 soldering station version 1.06 update: 1. Add Russian language 2. Add experimental function interface 3. Add T210 power compensation 4. Add security protection
Warmly Welcome Wiltech to Visit AiXun
Welcome our friend Wiltech to visit Shenzhen AiXun intelligent Hardware Co., Ltd.
AiXun Assistant Releases Version V1.19.10
AiXun Assistant version V1.19.10 update: 1. Fix the abnormal problem of configuration file update. 2. Fixed the problem of abnormal display when the time zone adjustment pop-up window is closed midway. 3. Fixed the problem of 0% firmware stuck in the first device upgrade after opening the software.
AiXun T420D Soldering Station Releases New Version 1.21
AiXun T420D version 1.21 upgrade: 1. Added USB power supply interface 2. Optimized short circuit identification 3. Experimental function adds T115 power compensation 4. Experimental function adds socket settings
AiXun P3208 Smart Regulated Power Supply Releases New Version 2.11
AiXun P3208 version 2.11 update: 1. Newly added fast charging interface charging capacity display 2. Optimize DC output constant voltage/current switching 3. Automatically synchronize time zone 4. Fix known issues
AiXun Assistant Releases Version V1.19.09
AiXun Assistant Version V1.19.09 Update: 1. Added time zone adjustment function. 2. Fix known issues.
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