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AiXun Platform applet released version 1.5
AiXun Platform applet released version 1.5 1. Optimize WIFI detection in 2.4G band and update encryption mode identification and sorting 2. Bluetooth automatically disconnects and reconnects, optimizing the status of connection process 3. Experience optimization such as screening AiXun device in Bluetooth, adding return button, etc.
AiXun Smart Hot Air Gun H310D New Arrial
AiXun Smart Hot Air Gun H310D new arrival, leading the technological innovation! 1.3.5inch IPS HD display screen, built-in smart operation system 2.WiFi networking OTA upgrade,interconnecting through bluetooth 3.Dual combination of segment and curve desoldering
P3208 Regulated Power Supply Release V2.00 Version
P3208 V2.00 version updated: 1. Fix crash, optimize DC, one-button boot, fast charging bug 2. Add real-time voltage and current display of DC output and current monitoring function of AiXun platform 3. Add USB network distribution, WIFI firmware update etc.
T420D and T3A Soldering Station Updated 2023.05.16
AiXun T420D soldering station V1.10 Updated: Optimize the UI interface; AiXun T3A soldering station V1.33 Updated Optimize some English translation and UI display;
T410/T405 V1.03 Version Updated
T410/T405 V1.03 Version Updated 1. Optimize heating control; 2. Optimize the reminder interface of "Touch plug seat induction heating" function; 3. Fixed the error in the Russian and English UI display. 4. During temperature adjustment, the real-time temperature is replaced with the set temperature, and the orange color is displayed
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AiXun T420D T420 New Version V1.09 Release
T420D/T420 New Version V1.09 Release 1. Optimize the reminder interface of "Induction heating when touching the swapping socket"
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